Saturday, May 26, 2018

GameChanger Spotlight

It has been quite some time since I have written and published any material. I have not only neglected this blog, but have done very little to move forward with my goal of raising awareness and sharing information with the intention of benefiting others. The goal has always been to help others perform at their best while identifying and minimizing injury risks. This applies to athletes at all levels from the youth level, to the weekend warrior and even to the professional athlete. Having recently taken on the daunting task of revolutionizing the prosthetic feet industry with a business partner, I am newly motivated to get back to doing what I do best and be of service to others. This effort will include the launching of a new section to this blog and will feature the "GameChanger Spotlight." This spotlight will be to recognize and promote services, products, business and individuals who deserve their time in the sun. Please feel free to share questions, thoughts and comments. And of course, if you see something you like, please share it with your network of family and friends.

All the best,

Raul Martinez